manchurian shutterstock_128682983Our team takes pride in the fact that we can provide our loyal customers with delicious food capturing the best ‘Monsoon Indian Restaurant and Takeaway’ with the awareness of health consciousness and cost saving for customers. The approach to healthy cooking is minimising additives in our dishes. We have a very friendly atmosphere here as we have some passionate individuals in the Management, executive curry Chef and other kitchen staffs, who will provide you the best quality food with a great taste and good customer service. Our menu features items that use healthy and aromatic and unique blend of ingredients, but leaves out the fattening ghee, butter and nuts. You can actually taste the difference in texture and aroma, it will definitely put a spark in your taste buds.
Our vision is that you’ll join the growing trend that many others have already discovered and you try Monsoon Indian, a unique alternative not just to other Indian restaurants or takeaway but to all other healthy food options. We believe if a customer has tasted our food once, we can almost guarantee they will come back again for more. Being a small business the satisfaction of the customer is of the utmost importance to us.
We look forward to serving you in the near future, thank you for taking the time to browse.